Cheap and Simple Kitchen Solutions

There is a very basic item I added to my kitchen equipment that cost less than £1 and has save me a lot of aggravation when working in the kitchen. It is a white plastic tray. Placing this tray on my dark work surface and using it as a mini work surface I do not misplace items and if I spill anything it stays within the boundary of the tray and does not spill onto the kitchen floor. For example, I place my cereal bowl onto the tray and pour cereal into it comma and if any cereal Mrs the bowl it goes onto the tray. Then I open the milk bottle, place the screw top on to the tray so I can easily relocate it without knocking it onthe the floor by accident. I can then pour the milk over my cereal and then the spillage stays on the tray and does not fall onto the floor, the same principle works while I’m trying to spoon coffee and sugar into a mug because then anything that Mrs goes onto the tray. Then all I have to do is wash the plastic tray and it is ready for the next meal preparation. It is also useful when cooking because it allows me to play all the
utensils I need on the tray so I can easily find them and do not knock them on the floor and any of the food that is stuck to a utensil goes onto the tray and not directly onto the kitchen work surface. Just a simple ideas that can save a lot of frustration in the kitchen.