Do not assume knowledge, share it,,,

over the last few years whilst I’ve been in this world of blindness I
have become aware of the advantage of sharing knowledge and ideas with
other visually impaired people, but only a few have responded in kind. I
have found that some visually impaired people will only take instruction
from their rehabilitation officer and ignore the experiences of other
blind people.
 I have found that some rehabilitation officers are only two grateful
for feedback and ideas and are only too happy to alert other service
users with the same mentality of sharing information. Unfortunately,
some rehabilitation officers are not open to new ideas so are only aware
of what the instructors deemed to tell them whilst they were in training
and have not bothered to supplement these ideas as technology, the world
and attitudes have changed.
 Some of these ideas I talk about are not valid for everybody but you
might have a friend or colleague who could benefit from them. Such an
example of this is that one day I was waiting to cross a main road and I
was holding the cone under the pedestrian crossing unit and when it
started to rotate I crossed the road. When I reached the other side I
found that a street cleaner had been watching me to make sure that I
crossed the road safely, so I showed her the cone underneath the unit
and told her that it rotated when it was safe to cross. She said she
would pass this information onto anybody she saw who was struggling with
their Vision or she knew who was visually impaired. There are other
small tips like this that can be passed on such as a previous article
where I discuss how I use a white plastic tray in the kitchen. I hope to
publish more of my ideas later, some you might find useful some you
might not.