Get Fit and Learn Your Surroundings

About 18 months ago I was classi fied as obese, extremely lazy and depressed with the knowledge that my vision was going to get worse and I would achieve total blindness within a few years. I decided to give myself a kick and lose weight, get fit, get out more and stop spending all my time sleeping and snacking. This is still ongoing but has had a significant effect on my life already. My driving thought behind it all was that getting about the local area using a long cane is extremely tiring and as my vision gets worse my level of concentration will have to increase making it all the more exhausting; I needed to get fit. The first step I took was to lose a bit of weight so I cut out pizzas and decided that I would not have chips at home. After two weeks I cut down portion sizes for my main meals and this was easy as I bulk cook meals so instead of putting the portions into large containers I purchased smaller freezer boxes therefore reducing portion size , and saving money. It was time to start exercising so I started walking a lot more and started a personal fitness plan under the control of an ex Forces instructor . I now have the confidence to go my local gym , where staff and members are all very helpful. I am now more confident getting about my local area as I do not get tired so quickly.