Guided Walking at a Distance

when the government introduced social distancing to the UK that was the end of me being able to leave home independently as I would not be able to tell how far people were away from me and follow any guidelines within a shop or supermarket. guided walking would also be difficult as it means having physical contact with your guide and I am sure the union of curtain twitches and their mobile division would have something to say about that. but then I remembered the Kickstarter project from a few years ago called Ramble Tag.

The Ramble Tag is basically an arm band with the handle stitched into it. The person doing the guiding would put on the arm band which is made of a washable fabric and has Velcro fastening to secure it in place on the upper arm. It has a handle attached to the arm band for the guided person to hold onto.

I have been told by the two people who normally act as my guides that it is very comfortable to wear and I have found it very easy to use as it makes the connexion between myself and my guide far more secure than holding onto an elbow.

Ramble Tag can be purchased from or at the RNIB online shop.

it is worth visiting the Ramble Tag website as it offers a greater selection of colours and styles.