Helpful Utility Companies

 in this article I’m going to be mentioning specific companies, this is
not for financial gain from advertising but only due to the fact that I
have dealt with these companies. Your suppliers might offer the same
facilities so it would be worth you asking for them if you do not
already have them. In some cases you might be the first person who has
asked for such adjustments and they might even start implementing them.

 A few years ago I was looking for home contents insurance but the
first two companies I approached wanted me to tick a checkbox confirming
that I agree  to certain terms and conditions before they would accept
my application but my screenreader would not allow me to check the box
and even though I told the agent that I could not do this he would not
make any reasonable adjustment for the fact that I was blind. I
contacted Direct Line insurance and they were only too happy to help,
even to the extent that they would send me an audio CD of the policy as
it had been discussed by telephone and would then accept a telephone
call for me to state whether I accepted the contract or not. And for the
past 2 years they’ve also sent me new policies on an audio CD for me to
check. That is a no hassle service for me and even if they may cost more
than other insurers my peace of mind is satisfied that I know exactly
what I am agreeing to.

 Scottish Power, who, according to some retail experts,  appear to have
a terrible customer service department, always have been helpful to me
when I am giving them my metre readings and asking associated questions.
They also send me my statements quarterly on an audio CD accompanied by
a paper copy.

 United Utilities, my local water company, send me a six monthly
statement by email and if I have any questions I have a direct phone
number associated with the statement. This is because I have been
enrolled in their priority customer scheme.

 Scottish power and United Utilities offer a priority services scheme
for disabled and vulnerable people and they seem to be linked in some
way. This arrangement offers peace of mind in case of power cuts and
problems with the water supply. If you are not already in a scheme like
this I would suggest you contact your utility company and see what they
offer in this service agreement as it will  probably differ from region
to region.