I spend my days looking at nothing

I spend my days looking at nothing
But if I see something
I know it’s not there

                                                                    I read with my ears

And type with my voice
I can no longer read or write
So I don’t have a choice

Inside I guide myself with my hands
With walls and doors to greet
But tables and chairs
I use my shins and my feet

My memory works well with my hearing, my touch, my taste and my smel
But to enjoy my new life
I have to listen, learn and assess
Not to do all three
Could cause a lot of stress

Before I end my friend
If I met you before my new life began
My vision of you will never change
And you will never age

And those of you I have never seen
My image of you is in my mind
And it will change with your mood
So do not be too unkind.