Lock Your Socks

One of the simplest and most useful AIDS I have bought since I’ve become visually impaired was a packet of items that come under various different names (such as Socks Lock, SockSnaps, SoxLox ) but all have the same purpose and that is to keep your socks paired together. I only knew that these gadgets existed because I had considered buying them whilst I was fully sighted. That was because they would save me a lot of time every morning but now they’re sole job is to make sure that I always wear a matched pair of socks

Using SoxLox you will not find lonely socks floundering in your washing machine or have to suffer the ritual of pairing socks after washing them. these small plastic\rubber pairing discs keep your socks paired from your washing machine to the sock drawer. In fact the only time you have to remove the discs is when you are wearing the socks. The instructions for use are simple, remove dirty socks from feet, push each sock through the joined holes that have miniature teeth and put them through your normal washing cycle.

I know that these items are available online at Amazon and the RNIB shop but are sold under various different names that are basically all are as described above. When I first received my packet of socks locks a friend went to my sock drawer and paired corresponding socks together and threw away any odd socks that were found. Now when I purchase any new socks I immediately pair them using the SoxLox and when I receive novelty socks as a gift they get the same treatment so I no longer have an excuse for wearing a red sock with Christmas trees on 1foot and a Bart Simpson sock on the other