Blindshell Classic 2 An Intelligent Phone


A Simply Classic Phone

I have been usingthe Blindshell Classi2 for afew months now and find it a vast improvement on the original phone which was very easy to use as a blind person. I reviewed that phone in July 2021. A lot of my comments in this previous post are still valid so it might help to look at it now.

Great New Hardware Features

  • Easier to use keyboard
  • Favourites button, where you can set your favourite apps and access them easily without having menu structure
  • Improved speaker, which will turn into speakerphone mode when you move it away from your ear but this function can be turned off
  • Improved Appstore

With regards to the appstore it includes all the apps that come pre loaded on the phone that a blind person might find useful on a daily basis, though it also includes more specialised apps that you might also find useful and this number is steadily increasing. The unique aspect of these apps is that they have been tested by the phone manufacturer to ensure that they work. They also encourage users to suggest apps that should be included in the store.

Messaging apps are now available but the two I use the most are Google Lookout and a Podcast reader. Other apps of intrest include Audible and Amazon store. One thing to note though that is due to the ability for users to suggest apps there are a few in languages other than English available.

One thing I have neglected to mention is that the camera is of a much higher specification but this is only of value if you are using an app such as Lookout. My problem with the Notification feature has been resolved and I think this phone is a great investment.

I have not mentioned all of the features available on this phone and if you are interested I suggest you follow the links below.

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