Blindshell Classic, a Smart-ish phone


I had been using a Synapptic smart phone since 2015 when I lost most of my site but in the summer of 2020 I decided to use a Blindshell Classic mobile phone as my main phone and use my Synapptic phone as a tablet

There were many reasons for this though the prime reason being that I needed a phone that was easier to access and use and was not cluttered up with applications that I very rarely used. The Blindshell Classic phone was very easy to navigate using voice or the keyboard, and the menu structure was easy to follow so there was no longer any problem with double tapping on the wrong button. Many applications were included inside the operating system that are particularly useful for those people with a visual impairment and everything is voiced and all text input can be done by dictation.

simple and accessible does not mean basic

currently there are more than 30 applications accessible on the Blindshell Classic phone and as there are lifetime updates available on this phone this number will only increase. It carries all the basic features that you would expect on a phone such as the ability to make calls, send messages, create a contact list, make notes and set alarms. However there are also many Internet-based features such as FM and Internet radio, an Android web browser, email, weather app and location information.

The features that sold it to me:

  • simple to navigate
  • Audio book reader
  • no more double tapping or swiping on a screen
  • simple access to status information and help documentation
  • a proper keypad to dial numbers or access menus

there are two features that some people might find useful and that is the option to increase the size of the memory and also to fit two Sim cards in this phone.

my overall opinion

though you cannot put third-party applications onto this phone I find that the ones that are built in suit most of my needs. As a communication device it is excellent though a lot of people want their smart phone to be able to run their life for them and if that is what you want this is not the phone for you. As I said earlier I have an old smart phone with applications that I might use now and then but I do not need them with me all the time. I have not mentioned all of the features available on this phone and if you are interested I suggest you follow the links below.

If there is one part of this phone that does irritate me it is the notification feature. It is very useful when it notifies you of any incoming text messages and that it also notifies you of the time the recipient of a message from you receives that message rather than the time that you sent it, which can differ by up to 5 minutes sometimes. The irritation is that the notification does not always cancel itself once you have read the message and you might have to listen to the message a second or third time until the notification feature has cancelled. You will notice that if a notification is still valid you will get a beep on the phone every 30 seconds or so.

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