Some Short Posts

Audible talking books

some people have recently asked me why I spend £7.99 a month getting one credit for one audiobook where as a blind person there are some talking book services available to me for virtually nothing. Well the first thing to state is that £7.99 is a headline price and there are far more cost-effective ways to make use of the services offered by Audible Books It is cheaper to subscribe to their service if you use either a 3-month 6-month or 12-month subscription option, personally I use the 12-months subscription which cost me £109 a year but for that I get 24 credits and these credits are made available immediately on payment. The audible book service also gives you access to podcasts and has multibook offers approximately 1 times a month. Another advantage of the 12 month option is that if you want to purchase extra credits they will cost £11 for 3 credits whereas on the monthly option the cost for 3 extra credits is £18.

Computer games for the blind

a retired software developer has developed a website that offers games for the blind called Spoonbill Software. All these games are free and include variance of different card games, sudoku and even Twenty20 cricket. And if you don’t find any of the games that meet your fancy reading the frequently asked questions page might amuse you. Note that these games are only for the PC and not for Android or iOS.Search for spoonbill software blind games.

Blind Veterans UK lottery

if you are tired of giving all your money to Camelot in the vain attempt of winning hundreds of millions of pounds then why not enter a lottery where at least you know which charity the money is going to, and at £1 a ticket per week and only been able to buy a maximum of 5 tickets for a week your bank balance will not be drained as quickly. I have found very few mentions of this lottery but there is a link on the Blind Veterans UK homepage but it would be easier just to follow this link to the Blind Veterans Lottery which would take you straight to the purchase page. If you do not believe in gambling but do want to give your money to a good cause just send it to me and I will spend it wisely.