Hot Drinks Made Safe

Any kitchen can be a daunting place, even if you’re just going to make
yourself a hot drink.
 The first thing I was given when I started to lose my sight was a
liquid level indicator in order to stop me overfilling the cup or mug
with boiling water, as I never put milk into hot drinks  as soon as the
sound started buzzing I could move the kettle away and lift the prongs
out of a liquid to stop the noise. However this little piece of
equipment did not solve all of my problems because I couldn’t guarantee
getting the boiling water into the mug in the first place as my vision
was almost non-existent. I also found a problem when making instant
soups as the various bits and pieces in the soup would lodge between the
prongs of the liquid level indicator and therefore make the circuit to
make the alarm buzz.
 To make my life easier and safer I purchased a Breville Hot Cup, which
is basically a hot water dispenser and comes in various sizes. I
purchase one which was kettle size holding 0.7 L of water and it pumps
out approximately a mug full of water at a time. It is easy and safe to
use as you fill up a reservoir tank with cold water and then place the
whole unit into a stand which has its own tray for putting your mug on.
All you have to do then is put your coffee, tea bag, or whatever your
drink of choice is into the mug and put this on the tray directly under
the output pipe of the dispenser and Press the button. The boiling water
is poured into the mug and your drink is made, unless you want to add
such items as milk, sugar etc to it. This is the basic model and usually
costs between £30 and £40 and is available from most stores that sell
small electrical household appliances.