Toasted sandwiches not toasted fingers

one of my favourite bar snacks was a toasted sandwich, usually containing Ham and cheese. Because of this I decided to buy myself a toasted sandwich maker even though I knew this could be very impractical. This is due to the fact that all the indicators on the sandwich maker are lights, these are used 2 indicate that be machine is ready to toast the sandwich and has reached the correct temperature . This did not deter me. There was also a slight problem that the plates of the sandwich maker would get extremely hot and that I would get very close to them whilst placing my pre made sandwich into the grill.

I have successfully managed to cope with both of these problems without ever burning my fingers. I did this in the following manner:
in the presence of my daughter I turned the sandwich maker on and we timed how long it took for the machine to reach operating temperature.
We then timed how long it took to make a decent toasted sandwich.
The results were, for my machine, 4 1/2 minutes to reach operating temperature and then a further 5 minutes to make the toasted sandwich.

I now make my sandwiches in the following manner:

I make up the sandwich as normal, and then place it on the lower plate of the sandwich maker.
I then close the sandwich maker as per normal and then turn the sandwich maker on to heat up.
I set a timer 4 8 minutes and then switch the toaster off.
Using a wooden spatula and a pair of wooden tongs I remove the toasted sandwich from the machine and place it on my plate ready for consumption.

Using this method I never have to touch either of the hot plates and the sandwich has been positioned correctly within the toaster.

I hope this has helped all lovers of toasted sandwiches Burt Please note that the times I have given are for my toasted sandwich maker and to make the sandwich to my taste. I recommend that you do your own timings of how long it takes the machine to reach operating temperature and the time it makes a toasty to your taste.