Make sure it works for you

When you start losing your sight you start to search for equipment that you will be able to use with either no sight or limited vision, it is only natural. Your first port of call will probably be the local blind society or a forum, though useful this is not always the best way and sol u tions are personal and generic solutions may only solve half the problem. Finding the correct solution for your problem is just a matter of taking it slowly and asking the necessary questions.You might only have to stick on a few bump ons onto existing equipment therefore saving you money.

The first step is to identify the problem. One at a time is best
as you might find you can use what you find out may help you with other problems. Then you must discuss this problem with people you know and trust aand if the solution is obvious go for it, otherwise go to your local blind society and tell them what you have discussed and they will be able to point you in the correct direction with a much better idea of your needs.

People with the best intentions sometimes try to solve problems that do not exist. My experience was that I was advised to replace all my digital equipment with ones with rotary switches as I could not read the numbers on the screen. I politely pointed out that I could count and if, for example, I pressed the minute button 9 times it was going to run for 9 minutes.